Our history OUR HISTORY

The company was founded in 1955 under the name AB Hydraul-Verken. When the Smith family acquired the company in the early 1980s, the name was changed to AB Cernera. Since the aforementioned acquisition, the group’s main activity has been property management. In 2013, the owning family acquired the forest estate Uddetorp Säteri just north of Borås and, in connection with this, the parent company changed its name to Uddetorp Invest AB.

1980s Acquisition of industrial properties in Borås. Acquisition of construction company Wahlstedt AB, including centrally located properties in Malmö and Jönköping. Acquisition of properties in Vaggeryd and Värnamo.
1990s Construction of new residential properties in central Jönköping. Acquisition of a number of properties in Borås, both residential and commercial. Divestment of all properties in Malmö.
2001 Acquisition of Olle Johansson Byggentreprenader AB, comprising a large number of residential properties and commercial premises.
2005 Sale of 40,000 square metres of residential property and 30,000 square metres of commercial premises for a sum totalling nearly half a billion SEK.
2005-2013 Acquisition of a large number of properties, primarily project properties located in Borås, with the intention of developing these into management properties.
2007 Viskans Mat & Dryck established in Borås in partnership with the Ramezankhani family, who formerly managed Café Viskan in one of the group’s properties.
2009 The group acquires 50% of the shares in Club Onyx/Onyx Sportcenter AB and a new facility is established in the Knalleporten shopping centre in Borås.
2010s A new business area for the development of residential property established.
2012 The group acquires the Syskonen Anderssons Restaurang AB lunch restaurant in Borås as a subsidiary to Viskans Mat & Dryck AB.
2012 Café Viskan opens in Knalleporten shopping centre in Borås.
2013 Viskans Mat & Dryck AB opens Vinbaren in central Borås. Viskans Mat & Dryck becomes a partner in aesthetics company Barbershop i Borås AB.
2013 The Smith family acquires the forest estate Uddetorp Säteri just north of Borås. The company Uddetorp Säteri AB is founded concurrently, focusing on meeting activities.
2014 Cernera obtains approval for detailed plans for the Pallas estate with approx. 45,000 sqm of retail premises, residential properties and car park facilities.
2016 Café Viskan launches its own coffee, which is organic, Fairtrade, Direkt Handel (directly traded) and roasted using Borås water.
2016 Acquisition of commercial properties and one residential property in Borås. Sale of a property in Ulricehamn.
2016 Launch of new company Nõberu of Sweden selling beauty products for men.
2017 Acquisition of a large plot in Östersund projected to be developed into a residential area. The group wins a land allocation competition in Uppsala.
2018 Sale of Hotell Sköna Nätter AB, Syskonen Anderssons Restaurang AB and Barbershop i Borås AB.
2019 Launch of full-service communications agency EVRWR Communication AB.
2020 Sale of Onyx Sportcenter AB to STC.
2020 Sale of Everywhere Communication to Consid AB