About us LONG-TERM VALUE CREATION We invest in entrepreneurs and companies that want to grow and challenge their industries.
We transform brave ideas into businesses to be proud of.

We firmly believe that long-term value creation results in both business profits and a sustainable society. That is why we take care to nurture good relationships that benefit both parties.

Simply put, we create value by investing in companies with long-term growth potential. We make brave but well-calculated decisions and dare to put our faith in passionate entrepreneurs with great ideas. At present, our group comprises the brands Cernera, Viskan Group, Uddetorp Säteri and Nõberu of Sweden.

Uddetorp Invest AB is the parent company in a group consisting of some 60 companies. The business was founded in 1984 by the Smith family, which owns and manages the group to this day.

Day-to-day business primarily involves active full or partial ownership of companies that wish to grow and challenge their industries. The company also engages in securities trading. We want to challenge old ways of working and traditional industries. Our aim is to shake up existing markets by bringing in new ideas and taking on new markets.

FROM BRAVE IDEAS TO BUSINESSES TO BE PROUD OF Our vision is “From brave ideas to businesses to be proud of”. This vision serves as our lodestar in everything we do and shows us the way ahead. Our five strategic target areas highlight our focal points and priorities for the coming year.
We shall grow in existing and new markets through the establishment of new businesses and the development of our group companies.
Uddetorp Invest invests in companies that want to and have the potential to grow.
We should attract, recruit and develop our industries’ best employees.
Uddetorp Invest and the group companies should be run and developed in a way that is ethical and sustainable with regard to human rights, working conditions, the environment and corruption prevention.
Uddetorp Invest shall develop a determined and agile organisation where the focus is on business benefit and efficiency.