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For Viskan Group, the main event of 2018 was, without a doubt, the launch of Balthazar in early summer. This, alongside its other activities in Borås, has allowed the group to gain an even more solid grip on the market and cement its role as the obvious choice for locals when it comes to getting together and socialising.

Viskan Group consists of 90 passionate individuals who work together to give people that little something extra in their day-to-day lives. Viskan Group, which was founded together with the Ramezankhani brothers, was and is primarily active in the restaurant industry. Viskan Group has also since then invested in companies that operate in other industries. The group’s companies have won several awards such as the DI Gasell Award and mentions in the prestigious White Guide.


2018 has been a challenging year for restaurants all over Sweden. The start of the year saw a period of extremely cold weather, which made people stay home instead of going out to socialise. The entire industry found itself fighting an uphill battle and the companies in the Viskan Group were no exception. The unique weather situation also prevailed in summer, which saw persistent warm weather unlike anything experienced in many years.

This meant that both tourists and Borås locals chose to leave town during a period when Viskan Group would normally experience high turnover and good guest turnout.


Despite these challenges, the group posted strong results. Balthazar opened its doors at the start of the summer holiday season. On Swedish National Day on 6 June, to be precise. The planning process took some time, but when the doors finally opened, the restaurant and café soon became very popular. The people of Borås responded extremely positively to the food and the service, and the vision of creating the perfect meeting place became reality. Despite opening right at the start of the summer heatwave, the budgeted takings were exceeded in the first month. And they have continued to exceed expectations every month since then.

“The group’s companies have won several awards such as the DI Gasell Award and mentions in the prestigious White Guide.”
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