Financial information 2018 IN BRIEF 2018 has primarily been characterised by optimisation of the own organisation and the infrastructure that we offer to the companies within our group. New companies, acquisitions and a dedicated focus on existing investments have further solidified our foundations.

2018 began with the relocation of the head office from Åsboholmsgatan to stunning new premises right in the middle of Stora Torget square in Borås. Cernera Fastigheter has continued to expand. The year has seen multiple property acquisitions, including 10,600 square metres of land at Bergsäter and 7,300 square metres of office and warehouse space in the classic Knalleland property Armbåga 1. Developments have also been strong on the management side. Growing demand for premises has increased the number of tenancies and lowered the number of vacancies.

Uddetorp Invest’s stake in Nõberu of Sweden has increased and the company’s sales have been up in the year, not least internationally.

In summer 2018, Viskan Group’s new initiative, the restaurant Balthazar, opened its doors, going on to exceed its budgeted turnover every month since then. The end of the year has seen the launch of the communications agency everywhere, in which Uddetorp Invest is the main stakeholder, with activities taking off in earnest at the start of the new year. The results of all our businesses have developed as expected over the year.

Onyx has refurbished its facilities at Knalleporten as part of a greater plan to streamline and develop its concept. The launch of a new website enabling clients to purchase memberships online has also been a success.

In 2018, we’ve decided to gear up and create an even stronger and more robust group infrastructure
Uddetorp Invest – Group 421 235 tkr 23 122 tkr
Cernera Fastigheter AB 320 037 tkr 26 083 tkr
Viskan Group 51 715 tkr 1 160 tkr
Onyx Sportcenter AB 18 845 tkr 69 tkr
Uddetorp Säteri AB 4 405 tkr -2 601 tkr
Nõberu Distribution AB 6 601 tkr -1 746 tkr