Financial information 2019 IN BRIEF 2019 has meant a greater focus on optimizing existing holdings and strengthened ownership directives in each company board. This has led to a more professional approach and we are already beginning to see results in the form of positive trends in several of the businesses we have invested in.

In 2019, we have strengthened our own organization with new roles such as an investment manager and an operations manager. The purposeful work of further refining and developing our working methods as well as setting requirements for our investments has been ongoing throughout the year. We are already beginning to see an effect in terms of routines around follow-up, more strategic work at board level and increased focus on profitability.

In Cernera, two major divestments have been made. In several of the companies we have invested in, major changes in customer offerings and organization have been implemented. In total, sales in the Group have decreased by 21.5%, which can primarily be attributed to delayed projects in housing development.

In 2018, we’ve decided to gear up and create an even stronger and more robust group infrastructure
Uddetorp Invest – Group 330 610 tkr 24 895 tkr
Cernera Fastigheter AB 221 719 tkr 42 663 tkr
Viskan Group 57 424 tkr -2 139 tkr
Onyx Sportcenter AB 17 723 tkr -2 477 tkr
Uddetorp Säteri AB 4 324 tkr -3 936 tkr
Nõberu Distribution AB 7 696 tkr -1 994 tkr
Everywhere Communication AB 7 440 tkr -3 430 tkr