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We’re looking to engage with businesses and always demonstrate the same level of genuine commitment in all our partnerships.

Uddetorp Invest is interested in companies and people who want and have the potential to grow. Our intention is to always maintain a long-term perspective and be an active owner or partner. The businesses we invest in must have a history of economic sustainability and a clear business concept and business plan. To get the ball rolling on a new partnership, we need to see a clear presentation, documented needs analysis, proposed co-operation, a willingness to evolve and a commitment to development.

The group has common central functions with expertise in matters relating to finance, administration, marketing, and brand development. Our vision is long-term value creation and our strategy is to create favourable and more sustainable conditions for the businesses we operate, in a variety of ways. We provide knowledge, experience, and a network of contacts, and together with each company we determine long-term goals and growth strategies.
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Sales start of Vyn, Bergdalen

November 15th starts the sale of Vyn – 43 apartments with generous balconies in a high, sunny location and stunning views of Borås. It will be an inviting accommodation suitable for small and…

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