Long-term value creation

Our idea is to invest in businesses we believe in by joining companies that have the potential for expansion as an active owner. We’re convinced that long-term commitment creates higher value ​​in the long term, and so we’re eager to establish sustainable conditions and relationships. Today the group includes the brands Cernera, Viskan Group, Uddetorp Säteri, Onyx and Nõberu of Sweden. Uddetorp Invest AB is the parent company of an expanding group of more than 60 companies.

Uddetorp Invest was founded in 1984 by the Smith family, who still own and operate the group. The company’s primary business is the active full or part ownership of companies in expanding industries.The company also engages in securities trading.

Our keywords and vision are “long-term value creation”. For us, this means that our ownership of and commitment to the group’s various businesses are based on a genuine interest in the companies’ long-term development.

The vision also reflects the group’s approach to business ethics in all its partnerships and commitments. Our conviction is that long-term value creation is the best means of fostering profitable business and a sustainable society.

Our history

The company was founded in 1955 as an operating company named AB Hydraul-Verken. When the Smith family acquired the company in the early 1980s, the name was changed to AB Cernera. Since the acquisition, the group’s primary business has been property management.

In 2013, the family acquired the forest estate Uddetorp Säteri just north of Borås and subsequently changed the name of the parent company to Uddetorp Invest AB.

Sales start of Vyn, Bergdalen

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