Long-term value creation

Our idea is to invest in businesses we believe in by joining companies that have the potential for expansion as an active owner. We’re convinced that long-term commitment creates higher value ​​in the long term, and so we’re eager to establish sustainable relationships and conditions. Uddetorp Invest AB is the parent company of an expanding group of more than 60 companies.

Sales start of Vyn, Bergdalen

November 15th starts the sale of Vyn – 43 apartments with generous balconies in a high, sunny location and stunning views of Borås. It will be an inviting accommodation suitable for small and…

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Nõberu of Sweden

Nõberu of Sweden offers grooming products for style-conscious men who care about their appearance and appreciate high quality. The brand was launched in the spring of 2016 and is divided into four product segments: Skin, Beard, Hair, and Shave. Since it was founded, Nõberu of Sweden has seen explosive growth and the brand is already established in 24 countries and has more than 250 retailers throughout Europe. Retailers include NK, airports, and Skandium in London.

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